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Learn How to Make Money Online by Creating BLOGS Using JASPER AI Writer.


If you want to know what is Jasper Ai writting assitant and if it is worth it or not, this is my honest Jasper review, based on my 1+ years of experience…

Brett Slansky Jasper Ai review

Hey future profitable blogger, 

welcome to my Jasper Ai review.

My name is Brett Slansky and I have been doing affiliate marketing, blogging, making YouTube videos on various channels, doing SEO for local businesses and now even investing in crypto and NFTs.

I am really happy for working online, not having a “REAL JOB” and doing anything I like, anytime I want it with whomever I want it to do it…

But it wasn’t always like that…

In fact, I was doing crazy hours as waiter, construction worker, bartender etc… only to start my own martial are business in NYC in 2001.

I even ended up jobless… almost losing my appartment in Queens and living on the streets…

It was in these “UNFORTUNATE” situations, where I decided that I need to take my own responsibility for the bad financial situations I was in… and I simply wanted to find a way to live better life…


And on this Jasper Ai review, you will learn how to start making money blogging using artificial intelligence that will help you to create great articles that you can publish on your blog. And of course more engaging articles you will write, more free traffic you will get from search engines and in turn that will help you to make more affiliate commissions!

So, make sure you have no distractions and read this Jasper ai review till the end!

You see… winners always go through the finish line and if you want to be the winner and finally start making money online by publishing affiliate blogs, you will find out that this artificial intelligence writer will help you to write and publish content that ranks on search engines and makes you money faster and cheaper than ever before.

The cool part about Jasper ai tool is that it has over 3,000 reviews from well-known review sites like Trustpilot, Capterra and G2.

These are real users like me that gave Jarvis 4.9 out of 5 stars!

Why I am telling you this???

Well, because I want you to know that it is not just me, who is very happy Jarvis writing assistant user, but there are thousands of others like me…

And YOU can be part of this as well.

JASPER AI REVIEW - What Is Jasper AI Writing Assistant?

Jasper Ai Tool is first of all first-class writing tool that will help anyone needing to write lots of content without the high cost usually associated with hiring professional writers.

It can help you to curate and write articles that are 99.9% plagiarism free and with thousands of users, Jasper produced millions of articles and no one ever complained about the content not being original.

But for peace of your mind, Jasper Ai is integrated with Copyscape service, which for just few cents can check the whole article and tell you if its original or not.

So do not worry…

Simply learn how to use Jasper to write great content for your blog and start getting more visitors to your blog. More articles means more chances to attract the right readers that need what you will offer as an affiliate marketer. This way, your affiliate commissions will start increasing.


You see this Jasper ai bot has over 50+ writing templates that will help you in writing about any topic in any niche. This is because Jarvis has read 10% of all the internet till 2019 and he read blog posts, reddit posts, social media content and other things to learn about how humans use words and think.

This is how Jasper was able to learn how to structure sentences, think what the next word should be and basically give you ideas on starting to write or fill the content in the middle of your article or finish the article in a way that normal human writer would.

Of course, you need to guide him and teach him about your topic and how you like your content to be. But thanks to the 50+ templates, it is very easy to do.

But to give you an idea on what can Jarvis write for you, especially if you want to make money online with affiliate marketing… hmmm… blogging, let me give you some examples of content you can write fairly quickly using Jasper ai writer:

AIDA Framework

If you are an affiliate marketer, you probably know the oldest marketing framework in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Use this to craft a base for what is going to be great converting copy. Once you learn how to use AIDA framework correctly, you will be able to make lots of money with your affiliate marketing blog.

Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework

This is similar to AIDA framework, but this will create new marketing copy ideas. Basically it will give you another angle of writing for your affiliate marketing blog. Because more content ideas you will have, more articles you can write. And again... more articles means more FREE TRAFFIC and plenty of money that you can make as an affiliate with huge affiliate commissions.

Blog Post Topic Ideas

This is your bread and butter if you want to start writing engaging articles to educate people about a products you want to promote or just any topics related to your niche. With Blog post topic ideas, you will brainstorm new blog post topics that will engage readers and rank well on Google.

Blog Post Outline

With this Jasper Ai tool, you will be able to quickly create lists and outlines for articles. Works best for "Listicle" and "How to" style blog posts or articles. Definitely a must use if you want to have structure of your next blog post that will engage and convert readers to customers.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

Every writer and newbie affiliate marketer has this writer's block, that will keep you from writing regularly. With this tool, you will be able to BLAST through the writers block by letting Jasper write your opening paragraph for you. He can do it in just few seconds!

Product or Service Feature to Benefit

If you are doing affiliate blogging, you simple want to make money am I right? Well, Jasper knows this as well and he can help you to write AWESOME product or service features into benefits that make readers to take action!

Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

And to make your blog complete, you can wrap up your blog posts with an engaging conclusion paragraph. Here is the final place where you can send your readers to learn more about products or services you promote.

These blogging templates are just few that come to my mind as I write this Jasper review. But this ai writing assistant can also help you with your blog SEO – title and Meta descriptions, it can also help you with creating awesome headlines, bullet points and much more!

Basically any content that you need to be able to write engaging blog posts that attract free visitors from the search engines can be written by Jasper ai bot.

If you want to see the whole list of 50+ templates, click the button below and explore all of the templates that will help you to create better blog content…

Jarvis Ai Bot Review

Learn All About Jasper Templates

When it comes to creating content for affiliate bloggers, Jasper will help you to write all the content you need with the help of these templates…

JASPER AI REVIEW - Who Is Jasper Ai For???

Jasper is great writing assistant that can help anyone who needs content on regular basis. The cool things is that people like affiliate marketers, YouTube creators, online business owners, social media influencers, writing agencies… all can benefit from using Jasper Ai!

So if you need to:

Jasper Ai can be your writing assistant that works faster than any human writer and saves you lot’s of time creating the perfect piece of content and also money.

And trust me, hiring a decent writer even on Fiverr.com can cost $25 – $220 for 500 – 1,500 word article.

Now if you have been doing any marketing online, you know that you need more than just 1 article. So paying others to do it for you will become way more difficult on your wallet.

Jasper bot on the other hand starting with packages of just $29 dollars and you can scale to more as your business grows.

Ready to Take The NEXT Step with JASPER?

Here is where you will get FREE 10,000 CREDITS and you can try Jasper out. Just click the link below and start writing and growing your affiliate blog and commissions…

jasper ai robot review

JASPER AI REVIEW - Is Jasper Ai Worth It??

Jasper Ai is highly effective content creation tool. With this ai writer, you can grow your content really fast and for cheap. Like I said above, to write simple article of 1,500 words will cost you at least $29. And that article will not be even great. Probably an Pakistany writer on Fiverr.com would be the one writing it. But for that, you can even buy Jasper Ai tool and use it for whole month.

Ultimately, it will come down to you.

So ask yourself a question…


In the end, it is you who knows your business the best.

For example me…

I need to write 2-3 articles for my affiliate marketing websites that makes me affiliate commissions. I could do more, because I have unlimited Jasper Ai use. But this number of articles usually takes me 3-4 hours to write with the help of Jasper ai software.

But if I outsource these articles, I would be looking for couple hundreds dollars every single day. That means Jarvis Ai writer can SAVE me THOUSANDS of DOLLARS every single month on content production.

You see, if you can afford to outsource your articles or any other content like Facebook ads, product reviews, YouTube video scripts, follow up email sequences, especially if you have no time to write those by yourself.  Then Jasper Ai is probably not the best solution for you.

But if you have more time than money you can afford to spend on content creation, Jasper Ai can really be great writing software for you.

And you never know… once you scale your content up to the level that your content is making you money online, for example as an affiliate marketer, than you can grow even faster by hiring team members and teach them how to use Jasper Ai to make content for you.

Heck, once you know Jasper tool inside and out, you can even build an content agency and charge people for your articles.

So again, see what is the best option for you.

Some people are either MONEY-RICH and some are TIME-RICH.

Take your time and see what your business models needs. We all know that CONTENT IS THE KING and you can either pay some writer to do it for you or simply use Jasper Ai writing software to help you write great content.

And last thing is that Jasper has great commuity of over 50,000 marketers that share some cool tips and strategies inside their PRIVATE FACEBOOK group, so if you want to learn more about various uses or simple ask questions, you can join the commuity below.


On this page, you will learn how to join over 50,000 marketers that write content with Jasper. Gain inside knowledge about other use of this artificial writing assistant and learn few good tricks!